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" Originally purchased when we went to the Big Chill festival as a precaution against possible grim toilet facilities, I’ve since not been camping without them. they’re invaluable on those occasions in the middle of the night when its bucketing it down and you’ve chosen the pretty pitch by the river about a mile from the toilet block. They just make camping that bit more manageable." - It's nice out blog

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Hi. I found your product at our local K-Mart as I was preparing to go on the road with my trucker husband. This product is wonderful in traffic jams and in the huge truck stops where you have to walk long distances to restrooms in middle of the night. Your product should be stocked in every truck stop in the country…it would sell very well. Please have your sales staff contact them because they cater to truckers who can’t just park their trucks in the local store parking lots. I certainly intend to restock our supply when I get back home and get some for my trucker brother too. Thanks for this wonderful product. Thanks, B.N


I know of “TravelJohn” through a traffic school course that I attended. The instructor informed us of such a product. TravelJohn “saved my life” on a number of occasions..:-) I travel by planes. And somehow, many times when I just get off the airplane, I don’t feel the need to “go”. But when I get to my car in the parking structure, the system starts to “kick in”, and to run all the way back inside the terminal would mean wet pants for me. And there I have it, TravelJohn. I get into the back seat of my dark-tinted car,… and the rest is history.Thanks - L.N.


Hello, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your camo privacy tent. I just got it home and the one thing that sells the unit is the ease and quickness of setting the tent up. I’m about 5′ 10″ tall and still need a little more room on the inside but again, the ease of set up is worth the loss of headroom. (I’m using the unit as a shower room) The tie down that hangs from the ceiling of the unit enables me to secure my shower hose too. Great product. Thanks, J.H


Hello, This is to let you know that we tried your Travel John Personal urinal for my double amputee husband, who is wheel chair bound. This product is wonderful!! Be it a trip on the access bus to the doctor, or out of tour in our vehicle, this is a great idea! It helps to discreetly and safely relieve handicapped, greatly reliving body and mind and less stress for the disabled and also the caregiver! It’s the greatest thing since disposable undergarments for handicapped (adults) (Or ice cream J ).It gives peace of mind and security. Thanks, S.H


Hi Traveljohn! As a tour leader on a Mt. Kilimajaro climb, my clients laughed when I told them about your product, but I had the last laugh when I stayed snug in my tent at night while others had to venture outside in the freezing cold at night for their nocturnal pee runs! I will not do any adventure trips without your product. I have tried others but yours is the best! Thanks, A.G.


Every September I go on a two week camping trip in Winfield, Kansas. It never fails to rain, and it’s always freezing cold at night. I’m never camped near a Johnny on the Spot (they stink!). When I found the Travel John I was never more excited. Now at 4:00am when I’m all snug in my tent and it’s raining hard outside, I’m ready to “go” with my travel john!! Thanks for making a #1 product. I can’t camp without it now! L.R.