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Disposable urinals, portable toilets & single use phone chargers

TravelJohn offers a great range of travel essentials to be used by the whole family. Our disposable urinals and portable toilets are great for long journeys, busy festivals and outdoors lacking in toilet facilities. Below are just a few examples of when our products prove especially useful.

Disposable urinals in the outdoors

All our products are great for use outdoors. The portable urinals instantly turn the content into an odourless and spill proof gel, which can easily be transported and disposed of where appropriate.

Disposable urinals in healthcare

Our products provide a hygienic and sanitary alternative to bed pans and catheters. The portable urinals are easy and discreet to use, and are particularly beneficial for patients with limited mobility.

Disposable urinals for travelling

Disposable urinals are ideal for men and women travelling for a long period of time, either by car, plane or bus. Long distance drivers with limited access to toilet facilities will benefit from the discreet and leak proof urinal bags in the privacy of their own vehicle.

Travel Phone Chargers

Our range of single shot chargers are perfect for festival goers, but also for trekking and longer walks where you might need to use the GPS or map on your phone. You will find one time chargers for both Android and iPhone in our range.

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Showing 4 results