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Fabulous product had to say the Traveljohn came in very handy on a long car journey home. Fabulous product - John – Hampshire

TravelJohn is a really useful product where remote staff don’t have access to a washroom. Keeping some in the vehicle gives peace of mind and avoids stress” – Dan, Occupational Hygienist at Hinkely Point

Working in the light aviation industry we find the TravelJohn provides a timely relief and comfort to working away from 'facilities'. Our team is mixed gender and much as it can be 'convenient' for a chap to nip around the back to add some 11:1:2.5 NPK liquid fertiliser to the trees - it is not always 'without an audience' and hence not suitable... and for the ladies the ability to remain discrete is much appreciated, and more in keeping with the expectations of decorum.

When on a long flight, in a light aircraft, and the urge is strong, but a place land is not available (especially flying over water!), the TravelJohn can save the day, keeping minds clear, pressures down and avoiding 'smelly sloshing bottles' waiting to spill at the next bout of turbulence. This makes for a happy crew and a clean cockpit! Likewise, on a long drive in remote parts or at an aviation show set-up prior to the 'facilities' being opened, the TravelJohn absorbs the liquid, the odour and the potential embarrassment of crew who 'need to go now'.

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