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Why TravelJohn?

In Emergencies

Sometime unexpected things happen: earthquakes, server weather conditions or acts of terror. The disastrous effects of the events often included damaged restroom facilities. Lack of proper facilities often creates health hazards; however, this risk may be removed by placing TravelJohn disposable waste collection products in your emergency and first aid kits.

In Healthcare

Often, patients in medical facilities are dealing with limited mobility and are unable to use regular restrooms. Instead, they are provided with a bed pan or intrusive and uncomfortable catheters which may cause an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). TravelJohn products offers safer, hygenic, and convenient personal waste alternatives for all patients to use in the hospital or at home.

On a Roadtrip

We've all been there, stuck in some unfortunate traffic jam and really need to go. Worry no more! Toss a few TravelJanes into your glove box or bag and your bladder will be happy. No more holding it in, unsanitary restroom facilities, or going in bottles!

Into the Wild

Love the outdoors? We do too. TravelJohn products makes it easier to pack in and pack out while backpacking, camping, hiking, boating, or any other outdoor activity.

Music Festivals

Camping music festivals are growing more popular each year; however, porta potties and restrooms are the most miserable part of the experience. Especially by the final day or towards the end of the night when the lines grow long and smell becomes unbearable. Skip the ling lines and disgusting smell by bringing TravelJohn products. You will be able to spend more of your time dancing and singing along with your favorite artists and friends.

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